"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal."

Joaquin Phoenix

I owe Korean dogs so much - they changed my life for the better. It was through them that I made the connection that all animals feel, value life, and deserve to live free from harm. I chose to live using compassion and respecting all animal life. I discovered that going vegan helps the environment, helps people, and helps animals.

Humans kill and consume approximately 56 billion land animals and 2 trillion sea creatures per year. To put that into perspective, if one was to count to 1 billion, it would take 30 years! The scale of suffering is unimaginable

But we can do better, we can change, we can stop this. I would urge anyone reading this to look at your companion animals and make that connection. Look inside your heart and live with compassion. 

Please Go Vegan 

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WARNING: This video is non-graphic but may upset some viewers