Korea 2018: Busan-incheon 

In May 2018, I embarked on a journey from one corner to the other corner of South Korea on a kick scooter. My aim was to raise awareness for the poor, forgotten dogs in cages, on chains and victims of the Dog Meat Trade. I also wanted to highlight the suffering all animals feel and prove that vegans are certainly not weak. The trip was 633km of beauty, heartache, joy, sadness, suffering and finally freedom for some dogs. I saw the worst and the best of humanity. I met some amazing people and shared some great moments. I want to thank everyone who helped me and especially those who drove for hours to rescue dogs. Thank you!

Many of the dogs rescued went to America or Canada. Thanks to the rescuers and adopters, these dogs are feeling loved and valued. They are safe from harm and finally living the lives they deserve. 

Please watch the video and think about adopting a dog.