Dog meat trade 

"...whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world."

Talmud 4:9

Whilst the Dog Meat Trade is present in many Asian countries, I first became aware of the it whilst living in South Korea. This brutal and barbaric trade subjects millions of dogs per year to a life of suffering and  a violent, painful death.  South Korea is the only country in Asia that farms dogs for consumption. Kept in filthy cages or on chains, these poor dogs endure unimaginable misery only to be painfully killed and eaten.

But times are changing, and we together, can be a voice for these dogs. There are many South Koreans who work tirelessly to save these dogs. They run small rescues and shelters. Please support them. I would urge anyone reading this to save a life, adopt a rescue dog, and give that dog a second chance they truly deserve.   

Korean Dog waiting to die at a meat market
ADopt a korean dog
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I am not affiliated with these groups, but these links serve to provide extra information on dogs and the Dog Meat Trade. 


WARNING: This video is non-graphic but may be distressing to some viewers.