Kathy's Tail: Canada 2019 

Kathy's story begins in South Korea in May 2018. Kathy was holding on to life in a cage with no shade, no shelter from the elements, and no love. I saw her and at the time I couldn't take her with me, but along with many other dogs, I made a promise to return and rescue her. What really broke my heart was that her eyes were bleeding and in the car journey to freedom it looked like she was crying tears of blood. She received veterinary care and safety at a Korean dog shelter. Several months later Kathy arrived in Canada. She started to feel the love and protection all animals deserve. Sadly, her health deteriorated and she was in constant pain. She spent her last hours laying in my bed, she watched the sun set over the Rocky Mountains, and she passed away in my arms - finally knowing that she was loved. 

In Spring 2019 my journey across Canada began in Kathy's honour. I want her memory to live on and inspire others. I want people to remember Kathy and think of all the dogs who are victims of the Dog Meat Trade and suffering around the world. 

I truly wish that through Kathy's name, people will look to end the barbaric Dog Meat Trade. In addition, I wish that people will reflect upon their actions and the suffering many animals feel. We can help these dogs and we can help animals together. 

My trip across Canada was completed in July 2019. Please watch the documentary of this trip called "Pushing for Hope". Get inspired and make a change. Animals need you. 

One can follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Support can be through adopting a dog or donating money.


We all have the power to save a life. 

Rich The Vegan: Kick Scooter Canada 2019 Promo

Rich The Vegan: Kick Scooter Canada 2019 Promo

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